Welcome to Georgie Handbuilt Pottery!

Morning Glory outside of our Pottery Handbuilding Studio

Morning Glory worthy of a Georgia O'Keefe Painting

A Note from Georgie…

Thank you so much for visiting with me. After years of working with the magic of clay, I am grateful to share with you these beautiful creations that give me great joy. Each piece is hand built using slab, hump mold, coil, and extruded techniques. The beautiful jeweltone glazes are amazing. The colors and combination of colors are endless and very exciting!


Garden path to our Handbuilding Studio

This is our Garden Path to our Pottery Studio

Studio Tour

The studio is located in the coolest garage ever. It was converted into a year round living space. Very cozy. The kilns, glazing area, packing and shipping are located in the basement of the house. Ron and I are avid gardeners. We plot and plan how to figure out how to get more plants into our small space.


Tulips in the Garden Outside of our Pottery Studio

Tulips in the Garden Outside of our Pottery Studio

An Early Spring

Holy cow! My garden looks like the 1st of May. It feels like a time warp. 80’s in March? I don’t Know when to plant the peas!!!!!! It was pretty slow around here this week so I thought I would show some photos of the glazing and firing areas of the studio.


Finished Hand Built Coil Pot

Coil Building is a little more time consuming, but worth it!

Hand Building a Coil Pot

I would like to show the steps to handbuild a coil pot. Flat bottom and soft coils set aside to firm up. Coils are pinched together on the inside of the pot and set aside to firm up. Time to decide where to take the shape….


Terra Cotta Hand Built Bowl with Lace Impression

Fun ideas, using Lace to create a pattern.

Lace Impression

This is how I create a beautiful hand built bowl with a lace impression. First, transfer the lace impression onto the slab of clay.

Next, I use my guide to cut out the size and edge pattern….



Hand Built Bowls with Bird Pattern

Earth meets Sky

Glazing is an Art

Check out some of the fun that we have been having, glazing artwork onto our bowls. We love the effects!


Fun Hand Built Garden Fountain

'Green Louie'

Fun with Garden Art

In this article, I show you step by step instructions on how to make this fun garden fountain. Enjoy!


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