Posted Sunday, February 12, 2012 Thank you so much for visiting with me. After years of working with the magic of clay, I am grateful to share with you these beautiful creations that give me great joy. Each piece is handmade using slab, hump mold, coil, and extruded techniques. The beautiful jeweltone glazes are amazing. The colors and combination of colors are endless and very exciting. The pieces are mostly terra-cotta and some white stoneware clay, and are bisque and glaze fired to mid firing range temperature of 2005 degrees. I think that each piece I make has a beautiful home to live in and beautiful people to love it. I want everyone who owns one of my creations to feel as if it was made especially for them. Many new designs and glazes are on the way. I will stay in touch. Thank you, Georgie Posted Monday, February 20, 2012 Studio Tour The studio is located in the coolest garage ever.  It was converted into a year round living space. The clay is stacked in the corner, plants fill the windows, a large slab roller, drying racks, work tables…     and fairies. Very cozy.  The kilns, glazing area, packing and shipping are located in the basement of the house. Ron and I are avid gardeners. We plot and plan how to figure out how to get more plants into our small space.     The garden has a life of its own filled with perennials, vegetables, stuff and fairies. Thank you, Georgie   Posted Monday, February 27, 2012 Hello, I have spring fever.   I have crocus blooming already. I’ve heard a few robins, Yaaaay! You can tell that I love clay.  It is the most amazing stuff. To think that you can mix different kinds of dirt with water, dry it in the air, and fire it completely changing it’s form into something that may be around for thousands of years. Clay is full of surprises. One minute I am working to achieve a masterpiece and the next, I have a happy accident. If you get the chance to take a class or workshop do it. Learn to build a coil pot. I love my job, Thank you, Georgie Posted Monday, March 5, 2012 Hello again, This week I had a helper in the studio. She helped me trim a bowl while it was on the mold. She is very talanted, and inspiring, and fun. If you want to see some cool houses, check out Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix by Mike Barton. One of the best things ever is a good neighbor. See ya soon, Georgie Posted Monday, March 12, 2012 Hello again, It was a slow week. But today was a garden day. So good to be outside. The latest bowls I’ve been designing are looking like mountain ranges. Will share photos soon. Puck the Pomeranian, 10 pounds, chased a woodchuck out of the garden. He’s all pumped up. Spring is for new beginnings. Be fun. Be kind. Be fearless. Love, Georgie P.S. We caught the cats being happy today! Posted Monday, March 19, 2012 Hello Again, I swear by all that is good and true, in the land of what you see out of the corner of your eye, there are fairies in my garden. They ( fairies ) build camps with shells, sticks, rocks, and bark, curiously and wonderful things they find. In the Spring when the flowers start to bloom the wee tiny camps spring up.  I suspect that they are out there partying all night and it is my personal opinion that they keep their children up far too late.  I think they live in campers under the deck in the winter. Now I am being told ( don’t ask me how ) that these fairies are part of a world wide tribe called the Dearlings.  They are dedicated to an organization called Take Time To Smell The Flowers And Listen To The Birds. The Dearlings are very musical, they love to sing and dance. They leave little stone circles where they gather to sit and chat. They cradle their babys in milkweed pods and soft- soft feathers and moss.   They dance with Butterflies.  They dance with Fireflies. It is my personal opinion that none of them gets enough sleep.  What I know for sure that something is going on out there and I will be watching. Thank you,  Georgie Posted Monday, March 26, 2012 Hello again, Holy cow!  My garden looks like the 1st of May. It feels like a time warp. 80’S in March? I don’t  Know when to plant the peas!!!!!! It was pretty slow around here this week so I thought I would show some photos of the glazing and firing areas of the studio. We have so many glazes to create our pieces with and that really makes glazing so much fun. We can hardly wait to see them come out of the kilns, sooooo exciting. We converted our old coal bin into the kiln room over 30 years ago. It has ample room for our 2 kilns and shelving for glazed ware. It has seen a lot of use and a lot of smiles. Thanks for stopping by. See ya soon, Georgie Posted Monday, April 2, 2012 Hello again, We have a visiter in the garden.  His name is Louie and he thinks he’s very funny. I’m not so sure, but the kids think he’s funny so all are welcome. The Ladybugs are back!   Take extra time this week to enjoy this beautiful spring. Life is good…See Ya Soon! Georgie P.S.  If you want a good laugh…check out the honey badger on YouTube (Please note:  This video would be considered an ‘R’ rating for language). Posted Monday, April 9, 2012 Hello again, I would like to show the steps to build a coil pot. Flat bottom and soft coils set aside to firm up. Coils are pinched together on the inside of the pot and set aside to firm up. Time to decide where to take the shape. Time to decide when to stop. Here it is! Now to dry it, bisque fire it, and choose just the right glaze. I am excited to see what it will look like. Thanks for visiting. See you soon, Georgie Posted Monday, April 16, 2012 Hello again, It was a good week. We have a new glaze design that we love alot, See pics……. The possibilities of design and glaze combinations are endless…Very Exciting.                         I’ve been waiting 3 years for this vine ( Carolina Jassamine ) to bloom, well worth it.        The fairies have been busy. Came out this morning and found little ladders climbing to an old gourd with milkweed pods inside. Looks like a nursery.          The wings of the babies are too small to fly very good, but they are very nimble. They scramble and flutter up the ladders into a very cozy bed. I think they got into my Christmas decorations to find the curtains! See ya soon, Georgie Posted Monday, April 23, 2012 Hello again, Here it is. We chose a pale frosty blue glaze that breaks to beige. Very rustic. Lucky me. I got a visit from my assistant and her trusty sidekick Winkie. She just discovered dirt. She looks like a gardener in training and she’s going to be a big sister very soon. Seeds are sprouting. This is purple cauliflower. Next week, I’ll show you how to build a fairy garden pond spitter. Take a deep breath, exercise your smile, and have a great week. Peace, Georgie Posted Monday, April 30, 2012 Hello again, We had a great week.  My ‘assistant’ has a new baby sister and the peas are finally planted. I thought you would like to see how I build a “Green Louie “. I start with 1/2 of a styrofoam ball and a wide dowel rod, then I hand form the base and press it onto the 1/2 ball. Next, I select a ball of clay and roughly shape it into an oblong form. and push it down over the dowel rod and Louie’s body is in place. After some sculpting of parts… Some hair… …and hat… …and wings… It’s Louie!!! Thanks for visiting. Peace, Georgie Posted Monday, May 7, 2012 Dear friends, I feel so lucky to have a birdfeeder outside my studio window. Every day there is a procession of activity. Goldfinch, Housefinch, female Rose Breasted Grossbeaks and Hummingbirds…. There isn’t enough time to see them all. The Orioles are slurping up grape jelly and the tiny Wrens are screaming thier lungs out. Not to mention the the Cardinals and Robins all night long. The landscape of the garden is changing rapidly. We prepared the small strip of soil to grow Peas, Popcorn, Beans, and Squash and hopefully Carrots and Beets. For sure Tomatoes, Basil, Watermelon and Cucumbers. I’ve been called a square inch gardener. But if you plant lots, something will grow. This is how I build a beautiful bowl with a lace impression. Thats all for now…have a great week. Peace, Georgie Posted Monday, May 14, 2012 Hello again, Had a busy week. These are some of the bowls I made this week. Lots of activity around here. The peas are sprouting and the landscape  is changing rapidly. These ferns and hostas greet us every morning just outside the studio door. We  added some new friends to one of the ponds. Two fish named Finn McCool and Molly Malone. My assistant is thrilled. Speaking of my assistant, this is her brand new baby sister . She pooped out picking the posies. I want you to create a beautiful week. You always feel good if you lend a helping hand. Peace, Georgie Posted Monday, May 21, 2012 Hello, This week was cute and adorable. My assistant and her mommy visited for the very first time with her new sister. She slept the whole time. So many things are changing in the garden. Very exciting. Spent some time building stick trellis with zip strips. Lots of fun. Have fun this week. Georgie Posted Monday, May 28, 2012 Happy Summer, Well, what’s Summer without a pool party. I suprised my ‘assistant’ and you can see how happy she is. We are working slowly through the heat wave. New garden scapes are amazing. Two Clemantis. Miniture Climbing Rose. It is still 90 degrees!!!!!!!!! I’m going to stand in the busy sprinkler. Have a great 4 day week, Georgie Posted Monday, June 3, 2012 Hello again, This is a very special week. My assistant welcomed some members of her family from Ireland. We were honered to host a luncheon in the studio for them, very fun. She loves her Auntie Jo, and Nana and La La, so happy. And finally ” Rain ” !!!!! I designed a new glaze pattern and we love it. The tomatoes and peas are blooming, Can’t wait. I am so blessed to have wonderful neighbors. Be Happy, Love Georgie Posted Monday, June 11, 2012 Hugs to all our friends, This week it is time to make trays. I start with a chunk of clay. Flatten it out. Cut a shape and add the sides. Reinforce the seams with a coil. Not as easy as it looks! A few years back, a volunteer milkweed showed up on the front hill. I knew it was a weed but it was so beautiful and very fragrant. The next year we had many more.  Then, I read about the mysterious, magnificent Monarch Butterfly. The humble milkweed is the only food the little Monarch caterpillars eat. On their incredible migration from Mexico they follow the milkweed way up north. Every year we are lucky to find a beautiful pale green and gold chrysalis on our porch. If you have room in your garden for milkweed, it attracts and feeds many strange insects and butterflies. Very fun to grow and observe…and free! Until next week, Peace Posted Monday, June 18, 2012 Hello, Hello, This is a very special week.  A highly anticipated week. The peas are ripening and my assistant cannot get enough. She also decided to make a bowl. This photo is a reflection of the sun shining through a north window onto the tv screen mounted on the north studio wall. Very beautiful. And now for the not so great news, Ninja Squirrels. They dug up plants, they jump over my head, they charge me. They stand their ground and stare me down. I really do love squirrels! Really! And bunnies, hungry bunnies, gotta love bunnies. Love You, Georgie Posted Monday, June 25, 2012 Hello again, Sometimes I feel Angels on my shoulder and they want me to write beautiful words of encouragement and this is what they want you to know. Dear sweet friends, Now is the time to be grateful more than ever before.  We are all so beautiful, and so talanted, and so gifted in so many ways. A happy thought of gratitude makes a smile inside and out.  Practice gratitude.  Do a good deed! Be a good friend!  Lighten up!  Think a beautiful thought!   Love, Georgie P.S. Our lives are works of art and we don’t have to stay inside the lines…………… Posted Monday, July 1, 2012 Hello, Hello, The heat is on and the Tomatoes, Corn, Beans, and Squash are loving it. We took some time off and had a pool party. My assistant and her Mommy and baby sister and she’s a real pool party pooper. We had some special visitors who are very creative. We had a brief power outage this week. I watched the power company replace a transformer at 2:00 AM. Bucket lifts, hoists, spot lights. I am so lucky to be my own boss. I slept in the next  morning. Very grateful for air conditioning. Stay cool! Love, Georgie P.S. Lots and lots of baby Orioles on the grape jelly feeders…so much fun to watch Posted Monday, July 9, 2012 Well hello again, What a week, at least our pores are open. Whats good about a week long sauna? Just checked the temp for this Sunday afternoon, 87 degrees. Who ever thought 87 degrees would feel cool? The thing about extreme weather is that it gives so many people one common experience. We may all be different, but we were all hot. This is my tip to beat the heat! Experimented with some new forms. More to follow. As for the garden during this heatwave, somethings went crazy. Others, not so much. We are very excited, we will again be participating in the Near Northwest Neighborhood Garden walk on Saturday July 21st. For us gardening was a necessity growing up in the country in our early years.  Planting, weeding, harvesting, and preserving was a way of life.  Now, gardening is a way to live in the moment and a lesson in patience.  A perfect description of our garden is crazy fun and kid approved.  Along with a mix of annuals, perennials, and a variety of vegetables we have two small ponds, and eclectic array of garden art, and the studio of Georgie Handbuilt Pottery. Our biggest challange is space. We always have more ideas then space but seem to find a way to plant more stuff in the end. What were most proud of is the amount of food we can grow in a very small space. Last year, 493 pounds. What were working on to create more space and varieties is more verticle gardening. Seriously, this garden is loaded with faries. Seriously!  What do you see out the corner of your eye? Along with a tour of our garden and studio, we will have several pieces of our work on display and for sale. We will also have many pieces of beautiful woodworks by Alan McDonald. Lots of things to look forward to this month. Be Happy, Love, Georgie P.S.  Because of the heat,  I have suddenly found myself addicted to cucumbers, watermelon, ice, and spray bottles. Posted Monday, July 16, 2012 Hello, We were happy this week to welcome old and dear friends to the garden and studio, beautiful people.  Three beautiful people living their lives in truth. Inspiring.  Kimmie, Shennen, and Ann. It is parched around here. We are sprinkling every other day.  Because there is moisture, the tree frogs have moved into the garden. A mighty chorus of tiny peepers start with the dusk when it cools down. Awesome! Finally, Saturday it rained……………. The garden is amazing. The tallest corn close to 10′. Visited by a dragon fly and Winkie.   How to hide your compost bin. How to hide your bird feeder. And, My assistant has her own way to beat the heat. We are looking forward to the Garden Walk July 21st It is so much fun to share this place.  Photo next week. Be confident. Love Georgie   Posted Monday, July 23, 2012 Hello, I have had a very good week. Two good rains and the garden exploded. Spent some time tweaking for the Garden Walk. So, Friday night my assistant and her helper came to make a final inspection. Saturday morning 9:00 AM the visitors started to arrive and they came all day untill 5:00 PM. Fun to meet people who love gardening. The beautiful work of Michael McDonald. We shared lunch. Relaxed. Meet some old friends after 30 years. A reunion very cool. And of course, my assistant was on hand to direct people to the ” STAR ” of the garden, the purple cauliflower which she says she’s going to eat. Life is good. People are good. Love, Georgie P.S.  Check my Facebook Posts the rest of this week for more photos and notes from the Garden Walk. Posted Monday, July 30, 2012 Hello again, Last week we had 175 visiters to the garden. This week we had some visiters of a different kind. Monarch Butterfly in Our Garden Skunk in Our Garden Skunk in my Garden Skunk in My Garden Picked the purple cauliflower and my happy assistant ate it. Olivia and the Purple Cauliflower Starting to harvest eggplant, beans, cukes, and a variety of tomatoes and herbs. Garden sampler…. Vegetables from the Garden outside of my Pottery Studio We walked out on the front porch and saw a car show. Car Show outside of our Pottery Studio And now were facing another challenging ninja, Birdhouse Gourds. Birdhouse Gourds outside of our Pottery Studio They grow a foot a day and are throwing tentacles that catch onto any thing they touch. And, these gourds think they can fly. Birdhouse Gourds outside of our Pottery Studio Here are my tips to make a happy day. Think of the people you love, and don’t stop. Find something beautiful to stare at, and don’t stop. Count your blessings, and don’t stop. Look at the world with the eyes of a child. It’s a very beautiful place. Love, Georgie Monarch Butterfly in our Pottery Studio Garden Posted Monday, August 6, 2012 Hello, My assistant’s baby sister loved the feeling of the sun warmed rocks on her tiny little feet. She also loved the sight and sound of gurgling water. She is very cheeky and she loves Boobies. Exotic bird with blue feet. Look it up. Boobie! The garden is producing such great organic produce. We are harvesting tomatoes, basil, green beans, beets, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, and cauliflower. We have harvested 75 1/2  pounds. Love to eat and share the gift of the soil in my backyard. I want you to take time to love… Take time to love yourself. Take time to love your enemy. Be your own best friend……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, August 13, 2012 Hello again, I think my assistant has invented a new art form, colored chalk under water. Very interesting, and colorful, and fleeting. She also discovered the effect of alot of water and a little clay. Squishy, slippery, mushy, and the best mess ever. And, a very good facial. The garden is amazing. A very peaceful oasis. Always something new to see. To taste. To smell. This is my latest design. The gourds are a curtain that sways with the wind. 30 feet on the cable and 14 feet to the ground, overwhelming! Cool temps are welcome and fun. Go out there and have some fun. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 Hello, This week started with a delightful ‘blast from the past’. My assistant, with the help of  her ‘groovy’ best friend dressed up like a ‘Hippie’. Far Out ! There is so much activity in the air of the afternoon. Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Big Bumblebees. Things that fly too fast to see, and so small, too small to count. Mesmerizing……… There’s something so beautiful and magical about the August night. The background rythem of Crickets. The steady strum of the Katydids. The sweet peep of the Tree Frogs. And the unknown sounds of creatures who share my world. A descant high up in the trees. A rustle and nibble down low in the hidden places in the grass. August night, pungent fragrence of wood smoke. I received two gifts this week. An acorn birdhouse from an old friend for the fairies, and a beautiful acorn from my assistant’s best friend. Thank you. Look for the beautiful things you forgot to notice for while and take a picture. Love, Georgie   P.S. I found a funny Green Zebra tomato……….. Posted Monday, August 27, 2012 Hello again, It truly is harvest time this week, POPCORN! I am convinced that Hummingbirds have a sense of humor. They seem to get a big kick out of buzzing my head and whizzing off only to return and do it again. Very funny! How to make a Lizard………….. Be good to yourself. Take time to think good thoughts. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 10, 2012 Hello again, It’s been busy here. The garden is changing rapidly. Picked a giant cucumber.   Had a photo shoot.   Had a pool party and cut a tooth.   Talked to the cats.   And, found a volunteer pumpkin.   I am very glad to have a talented partner, Ron who is very good at glazing these beautiful bowls. We put our heads together to visualize and design the colors and patterns of the glazes.   And, I decided to make a fairy…..   Happy September. Love. Georgie Posted Monday, September 17, 2012 Hello Again, The garden is changing rapidly. My assistant dug her first carrot. A very dirty carrot.   We’re busy making tomato sauce and pesto, good stuff in the middle of winter.   The corn is dry and makes a great sound when the wind blows.   We found an everblooming lilac called Syringa Josee. It doesn’t look like much so we will see what spring brings.   Change is in the air. Time to make a big pot of soup. Busy is a good thing. Posted Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Fall,
It’s been pretty busy around here this week.
The cold weather forced the house plants inside and they are bigger than ever.
The Meyer Lemon is blooming and has babies.
I have to keep my fingers crossed.
So much to do in the garden.
Lots of cleanup and I’m already planning next year.
Shelled the Popcorn and very surprised at the amount.
We can eat for the whole year plus share.
I got a request from a young friend  to make a Holy Water Font for her mother.
It turned out so well that I designed this one as  well.
The stick cross is from the Arbor Vite.
Have fun this week.  Head for the pumpkin patch.
It’s about to get very Spooky……………………..
Love, Georgie
P.S.  Grew some giant beefsteaks, very mild and sweet.

  Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 1, 2012 Hello again, I saw frost this week and I realized the down side of winter. ” COLD POTTY SEAT! ” My assistant and myself collected rocks from the alley and in 15 min. she arranged a beautiful sculpture. Very talented………..   If you have ever been to my studio, you will know that I like to write words and phrases of inspiration on the walls. Well the walls are filled up and Ron said to me ” why don’t you write on the outside?” I said ” I don’t mind looking crazy on the inside but I don’t want to look crazy on the outside.”   This week we decided to make our very first Scarecrow……….   Think of something fun to do this week. Decorate for Halloween………. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 8, 2012 Hello again, A very exciting week. We harvested the gourds. 29, not bad for four plants and a TV cable.   We did some decorating for Halloween. Halloween Decorating   I designed some candle holders. I think these would be great for floating candles. Floating Pottery Candle Holders Can’t wait to see them glazed. The trees out front are beautiful. A great time of year.   I have always found the Fall and Winter the most creative time to see what new things I can make. Look around in nature and find something for a new centerpiece. A bowl of gourds, dried grass, twisted sticks. Make an arrangement. It will lift your spirits and it’s free. Put on a happy face! Love, Georgie   Posted Monday, October 15, 2012   Hello again, Really love the way the pedestal bowls look, Handmade Pottery Pedestal Bowls so I made alot more….. Handmade Pottery Bowls on a Pedestal Today the leaves are really flying…so windy it looks like they are being sucked up into the sky……….. Blowing Leaves Autumn Leaves I got a visit from a good friend this week that I had not seen in over a year. Very fun and chatty. It’s almost time to plant some Tulips……. Fall Decorations Fall Foliage Ornamental Grasses Take a moment each day to breathe. Breathe in love and breathe out love. Try it. It feels good……… Striped Cat Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 22, 2012 Hello again, This was a very fun week! Many of the leaves blew down in the gusty winds and we had a little help raking. Fun in Autumn Leaves We also shared sisters first pumpkin. Tha kiln unloaded as always with beautiful surprises. Next week, this will be the surprise. Halloween is creeping up and it’s getting Scarier and Scarier around here. Lots to do this week. Time to pile the leaves on the garden and build a cozy fire. Wade through a pile of leaves and throw them as high into the air as you can. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 29, 2012 Hello, We had a very busy week. Had a perfect day to plant bulbs. Lots of tulips and some tall lillies. Can’t wait to see them bloom for the first time Fall bulbs We sold a lot of bowls this week. We’re going to be busy. Here are a few of the new ones, using Red & Metallic glazes. Red hand built bowl with charcoal swirl Red handmade pottery bowl with metallic accents Handmade pottery bowl in red and metallic Metallic handmade pottery bowl with red accent The garden looks so different with a warm blanket of leaves and volunteer pumpkins from the compost. Halloween before you know it! Fall pumpkins at Georgie Hand built pottery ” A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”……Groucho Marx Pretty black cat at Georgie Hand built pottery studio Love , Georgie PS. Ron & I just saw this terrible weather for the people on the East Coast. We ask you to join us in a prayer of protection for those in harms way. Posted Monday, November 5, 2012 Hello again, I must say how sad we are for the people on the east coast. This is the first time we have felt the fury of hurricane winds so far away.  We feel so sad and so grateful to have our cozy home…bittersweet.  We are going to raid the piggy bank and make a donation to the Red Cross.   Well after this terrible tragedy life goes on and our spirits were lifted on Halloween by cute and adorable Trick or Treaters. A stuffed pumpkin and a purple dragon.   I have finally figured out the message from my assistant. We sold a lot of bowls this week and are busy, busy So, I think I’ll go until I stop, and then I’ll go again. Life is good! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, November 12, 2012 Hello again, We had a very busy week and lots of bowls, candle holders, and beautiful glaze jobs. It’s a warm and very windy day. The trees are waving and dancing and the dry leaves are whirling high and low. Invigorating! I have this crazy aloe plant I would like to show you. It’s trying to escape. This is my seed cucumber. It’s been here on a sunny table for over a month. It’s still firm………..Weird! I am looking forward with gratitude to another busy week. Love, Georgie PS….. We are featuring a 40% off sale on all website items only. This offer runs from Thanksgiving Day 11/22 thru Christmas Day 12/25. Due to the large discount, we are asking a flat $25.00 shipping fee per item during this sale Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 Hello again, Happy Thanksgiving….. It’s such a beautiful day, blue sunny skies. We’ll take it! My assistant and her daddy and baby sister came to visit and she found a big pile of paper in the living room. What fun! Olivia at Georgie Handbuilt Pottery Thanks to Threse for a great visit. New visitors in the garden, baby possums….. Path at Pottery Studio The last of the garden flowers….. Clemantis at Pottery Studio near Notre Dame Flowers at South Bend Pottery Studio How to make a Teddy Bear…… Instruction on Teddy Bear in Clay Clay art instruction on Teddy Bear Handmade pottery instruction on teddy bear Free pottery instruction on how to make a teddy bear Thank you for being you. Love, Georgie PS…… We are featuring a 30% off sale on website items only. This offer runs from Thanksgiving Day 11/22 thru Christmas Day 12/25. All this… Plus FREE SHIPPING!!! Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 Hello again, A very quiet and happy week. We had a great Thanksgiving. Beautiful weather, a great outside day. And then, Burrrrr!!!!!!! Friday, with little white flurries flying. We are thankful for small things now. Warm socks and cozy fleece. Time to find the perfect tree…….. Tree at Georgie Hand built pottery Peace, Love Georgie Posted Monday, December 3, 2012 Hello again, This was a very special week. We decorated a little for Christmas. and had a very special visit from an old friend we haven’t seen in 20 years. Matt and his husband Mark, so happy. Saw a beautiful full moon. A visit from neighbor Fergus. And, another clay lesson. My assistant’s favorite tool is the spray bottle. The squirrels are stealing the corn leaves and building a giant nest in the pine tree. Very busy. This week is very special for another reason. We cleaned closets and decluttered so much old stuff. We feel lighter…… So clean a closet or a drawer or a shelf and make a donation, it feels really good. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 10, 2012 Hello again, The gourds are drying fast. Gourds at Georgie Hand built pottery Santa Claus is coming soon. This is a grey, dreary, drizzling day. But, something wonderful is coming in the mail. Seed catalogues. YEA!!!!! Time to figure how to fit all these fabulous plants into my tiny little space. I hope I don’t wear the ink off the pages before I decide. You have no idea how many kinds of beans there are. I believe that every day is a holiday and a Holy Day. Be aware of all the little things that make every day special. Write them down. Be grateful…….. Love, Georgie p.s. I have learned not to believe anything I see or hear . I have learned to believe what I feel.   Posted Monday, December 17, 2012 Happy Hello, I think of every day as a gift. A gift you can rummage through all day long. A huge box filled with surprises, stuffed to the corners with little moments of wonder and beauty.  I think of this day as one filled with the promise of harvest, reward, passion, and expectancy.  I think of tomorrow, and I know I can rummage through the memories of this day for guidence.The gift of a day, a moment, a memory. The next big box, chock full of suprises is on the way. Sleep well knowing and anticipating the gift of tomorrow. Happy Solstice, Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 24, 2012 Merry Christmas To All….. Merry Christmas from Georgie Handbuilt Pottery Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 31, 2012 Happy New Year! This is what I know about the ” New Year ” It is Tuesday, another day. A great day……. My assistant used her hand – eye coordination skills to cut up snowflakes, not cut them out, cut them up! Tiny little pieces. Confetti for New Years. She’s hired….. And what can I say about baby sister? Cute, adorable, squeezy, huggy, tickley, giggly, sleepy love.   Sucking on a red pepper……. And, Christmas Eve. Busy loving reunion of the best people ever. From far and near. Sharing, caring, loving, eating…… We are just simply grateful and dedicated to be kind…… Love, Georgie & Ron P.S. The weather out side is frightful but beautiful….. Posted Monday, January 7, 2013 Hello again, Busy making and glazing bowls. We are very excited for the first firing of the new year. We are discovering a new glaze Called ” Smokey Merlot ” . It is very rich and elegant. We love this new glaze. A beautiful gift….. Georgie Handbuilt Pottery - Gifts from friends Six months ago….. The bird feeder is very busy and the days are growing brighter. We are grateful….. Love, Georgie P.S. The white clay that I use was not available for a few months, and finally, white clay This clay is so different from Terra Cotta. It is delicate and smooth and a bit more difficult to work with.This clay has a quality called thixatropic which means very firm at first touch but when worked, becomes very soft and pliable. The metallic glazes are beautiful on this clay. Posted Monday, January 14, 2013 Hello again, I am so grateful to be busy.  The new glaze is so beautiful with so many wonderful color combinations to come. My assistant had her first experience with paint. Very talented. this is her new favorite thing. She is very inspiring. New and fun. Study In Black This is a great time of year.The sun is hanging out longer and higher and the winter has been kind so far. The bird feeder is crazy busy. Fun to watch. Peace. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, January 20, 2013 Hello again, This was a very interesting week.  We were lucky to have a play day with my assistant. We kicked the ball and wrote in the dirt with a stick.  And then, I found a TuTu.  It was sticking up out of leaves and snow at the side of the alley. A fluffy white TuTu.  My very first TuTu. What does this mean?  I have the sudden urge to leap and spin. Handmade pottery blog Maybe we should all do a happy dance…….. Handmade Pottery Blog Love, Georgie, P.S. Just in case you forgot, this was the weather report about 6 months ago……. Handmade Pottery Blog Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 Hello again, Well, the garden is sound asleep under a blanket of snow and the cats have stir-crazy cabin fever. We had a great visit from my assistant, her mommy, baby sister, and her very handsome cousin. They decided to give a concert of rattling gourds. Amazing……..   This morning, I decided to make some very thin bowls. I’m hoping for the best……. We are all such beautiful people.  Let’s end self judgment. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 4, 2013 Hello again, It was a busy week despite the crazy weather 60 degrees f. to 3 degrees f. , Yikes! Tuesday, my assistant had a painting lesson and a pottery lesson….. She learned how to make coils…… There are so many beautiful bowls coming out of the kiln…. The snow is slowly piling up, inch by lake effect inch, light and fluffy and cold…. Were happy to be warm and busy and hope the same for you…. Life is good…. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 11, 2013 Hello again, It’s great to be in the last half of winter. The sun is shining in the studio and it really lifts our spirits. We built a snowman with my assistant. And, visited with baby sister who loves to beat the drum. Happy Valentine’s Day….. Give yourself a hug from me, and then give someone else one too. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 18, 2013 A Happy Hello, I have good news. Spring is just around the corner. The Tulips are coming up. The Daffodils are coming up. The Fall Crocus are coming up. The Snowdrops are blooming. The very thin bowls are a challenge I am still working on. I hope these images cheer you up. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 25, 2013 Hello Hello, Life is good! We are looking forward to our Spring season. We have many wonderful bowls. Starting today we are having a contest to give a bowl away. Here are the details……… We really like you and we want you to ‘Like’ us!  We have been blessed with 63 ‘Likes’ as of today and are excited to get to 100.  When we reach 100, we will draw from everyone who has ‘Liked’ us and they will get to choose ANY piece that they desire from our website or (georgiepottery)!  If someone who already ‘Likes’ us refers someone to us that ‘Likes’ us, we will enter them into the drawing 5 more times!  Just post a list of who you are referring ahead of time on our page, so that we can keep track! The Cardinals are singing again and I am looking for the first Robin. It’s a beautiful sunny day here ….. and I bought the first garden seeds… So exciting! We had a great visit with the wee ones. Very fun! The world looks so different through the eyes of a child. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 4, 2013 Hello again, 17 days until Spring…… This was a great week. We sold some bowls and are looking for online stores. It feels really good to hear from friends and fellow artists. I am so grateful. The weather last week? Rain, freezing rain, sleet, wind, snow, and blazing sun shine. 45 the forcast. Who new 40’s sounds so warm? If you want to feel good, help someone. Lend a hand, smile. Eat some ice cream. It never fails. Take what you need and give what you can. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 11, 2013 Hello, 10 days till Spring.It is great to have the sun back. It was a great week. My assistant is a snow baby. And, baby sister can pattie cake. We love the visits, they are growing so fast. I love to be inspired by nature. The songs of birds and tiny sprouts popping up from the dreary dark soil. Life is good when you pay attention to the little details that keep you focused in the moment. Creativity lives in the moment. Tiny moments…… Love, Georgie The traveling itch……. Oh, my shoulder I need to scratch. As soon as I touch it, It moves to my back. Time to exfoliate! Posted Monday, March 18, 2013 Hello again, A special message to our dear friends in Ireland and our loving neighbors. lá sona st Pádraig……..Bail ó Dhia ort. Had some fun this week carving birdhouses. We welcome the return of the Wrens, Nuthatches, Chickadees, and Downey Woodpeckers. The kiln surprises us every time we open it. We are making new friends online and welcome each one with joy. Two days until Spring……. The watergarden is flowing once again and it sounds wonderful and soothing. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 24, 2013 Happy Spring, More snow on the way. Oh well, sooner or later…. Take a little time this week to daydream. For me, good ideas and beautiful creations start with a daydream. Just sitting around thinking of possibilites. Free your mind and let your thoughts soar. Be grateful……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 1, 2013 Happy Easter! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 8, 2013 Hello again, Here’s what’s blooming in the garden this week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 15, 2013 Hello, I am happy to say, I am finally over a serious case of Spring fever That began in January. After days of rain, today we are finally able to plant peas. It feels great to work in the garden! We are designing some very beautiful new forms with black and white glazes.   And, teeny tiny pinch pots. The Daffodils are blooming. And, the Tulips are looking good. Soon Spring will burst out in a riot of color and vivid green. Life is good………. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 22, 2013 Hello again, In spite of the seemingly endless cold weather, things are “Springing” up in the garden…… More exciting new projects this week. White on White with White accents. Remember, You deserve the best so accept the best now. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 29, 2013 Hello, What a great week. So happy to see the green. The tulips are starting to bloom. We were fortunate to host a dinner in the studio for neighbors and friends. A feast of loaded baked potatoes. Great fun. I designed a beautiful new bowl. We sold these bowls to Country Harmony in Brownsburg, IN this week. Many thanks to Ryan and staff. My assistant and her baby sister can teach us a lot about what we all need more of. Hugs!   Speaking of green, guess what? It’s time to mow the grass! Love, Georgie P.S. It’s time to put the Oriole & Hummingbird feeders out. Posted Monday, May 6, 2013 Hello, Hello, Busy week! The Orioles and Wrens are back and the Chickadees are nesting in the birdhouse on the side of the house. This was the week of the Tulips…. We are making plans for the garden and composting everything. I designed some tall forms and looking forward to seeing them glazed. Busy is good! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, May 13, 2013 Hello, Happy Mother’s Day…. This was a special week. We got to spend time and share a meal with our good friends Matt & Mark Mann and our neighbors Brenda, Olivia, and Gianna……….So much fun. The pottery continues to thrill us every time we open the kiln. The tall forms are truly beautiful…… The garden is so green and so beautiful. Green! We are looking forward to more visits and gatherings and food and fun. If you are in the neighborhood call and come visit. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, May 20, 2013 Hello to all good friends. This is my recipe for creativity….. Push everything that sucks out of your mind. Be grateful for the power of your mind. Breath, be calm, be grateful………. Think what you will need for your creative project. Make a list. Be calm, be grateful…………. Just say thank you……… Collect everything you need. Study your tools for awhile………. Hold out your hands and study them……. Your hands are beautiful and can make beautiful things. Be grateful for your hands…….. Now, start allowing your hands to be guided and be grateful. Get going immediately and get ready to be amazed. Be grateful……. Love, Georgie P.S. Planted lots of seeds this week. Bend over muscles are sore. Posted Monday, May 27, 2013 Hello, Activities Of Creativity Acts of kindness and generosity. Cooking – A dance in the kitchen. Cleaning – A graceful motion of a deft hand. Tweaking – Rearranging something. See something old with new eyes. Thinking – Problem solving can create a happy accident. Mistakes are good. Writing – Loving positive thoughts. Reading – Fun and wonderful information about so much good stuff. Inventing – Find a way to get what you want. Don’t take no for an answer. Be kind. Vigilance – Focus in the moment and pay attention to all the details and use t hem for inspiration. Collecting – All the things you need to create a work of art. Acting – Assume the personality of your creative self. Spontaneity – Let every thing you do be the next best fun step to the next best step. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 3, 2013 Hello, What’s Blooming! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 10, 2013 Hello, Along time ago I heard a quote, ” What you think about me is none of my business.” I learned to know that what I think about myself is the only thing that matters. I practice thinking only good thoughts about myself and others. Esteem! I love my new tray design, more to come…… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 17, 2013 Happy Hello, This is the best time of year ever! School is out! The neighborhood is alive and ringing with the sounds of children flying and running and biking. Games of tag and hide & seek. Bubbles are floating and the dogs are over joyed to have their best friends home all day. It’s time to explore and picnic and chase the ice cream truck. It’s time to camp and study ants and turn over a rotten log or a rock to discover the best creepy crawlie things. Corn on the cob, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon, the best food cooked outside. Yes indeed the best time of year ever! Kick off your shoes and feel the soft grass on your toes, and break out the sidewalk chalk………. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 24, 2013 Happy summer, What a great week. The garden is growing like crazy. The first peas. Good company. Life is good. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 1, 2013 Happy Hello, This week we hosted the first pool party of the season. The kids had a great time, just a little pruny. A huge wind blew through and flattened trees and blew out the power. We spent a night without electric. Now the sound of chainsaws buzzing all over the neighborhood. Exciting and scary…… The garden is growing rapidly especially the popcorn. If I could sit still long enough, I think I could hear it growing. It’s baby bird time. They are flitting around begging food from their exhausted parents. The fireflies are dancing in the dusky night. It is a great time of year. Savor the Summer. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 8, 2013 Feeling down? Down is a platform for soaring, a launch pad to reach great heights. Down is a place that gives you joy to overcome. Down is a place that you visit when you are ready to climb. Love your down time. We all have down time and it has great value. Love yourself………… Here’s what’s blooming in the garden! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 15, 2013 Hello again, Here’s what’s blooming in the garden this week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 22, 2013 A loving hello, A three pool party week. Temps in the 90’s and very humid, a perfect combination for lots of fun. My assistant is learning so much and her baby sister is now my promoter! She has graciously agreed to make me look as good as she possibly can. So , I say that she can teach us much. Let’s make each other look good and feel good about ourselves. Let’s build the stairs to reach our common present moment. Make someone close to you feel better about themselves. Details are important. Focus on what other good people really believe, that life is good and people are very beautiful. When you send out a loving thought, it will fill your soul with what you really are……. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 29, 2013 Hello, Harvest! The garden is spectacular. The only thing that’s missing is you looking at it. Let us know when to anticipate your welcome arrival. Love,Georgie Posted Monday, August 5, 2013 Hello, This week was very busy and happy. We sold our ware in the Toledo, Ohio area at Genoa Custom Interiors. Bob Miller Interiors. Betty Rumph Interiors. Exquisite Home Source. Thank you all very much. This is the time of year for butterflies. If you can plant a butterfly bush (Buddleia Davadii).do it. This plant attracts hundreds of butterflies, moths, Hummingbirds, and so many insects. Flying jewels. This is a year of Hummingbird moths. So many more than ever before. The garden, I mean Jungle, is so peaceful. An oasis in the city. August night filled with the gurgle of the water garden and a choir of singing insects and tree frogs. With the help of my assistant and my promoter, we froze a bushel of green beans. First time Gratitude, Georgie Posted Monday, August 12, 2013 A happy hello, Finally, Tomatoes ” they disappear before we can take a picture”, and a bumper crop of Cucumbers. The best part of gardening is sharing with friends and neighbors. I really love the look of my new trays. It’s a great feeling to create something that is this beautiful. Take more time to think happy thoughts. Georgie Posted Monday, August 19, 2013 Hello, Slow down. Sit down. Breathe. Stop thinking. Stop reacting. Relax. Breathe. Now, let all your thoughts come easily. Rejoice with the positive thoughts. Be gentle with the negative. Have compassion for the thinker. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe in a new thought of gratitude. Breathe out the old thought of insecurity. Breathe in a new thought of peace and prosperity. Breathe out the old thought of poverty and pain. Breathe in your power to think positive thoughts. Breathe out the illusion you have no control. Listen. Listen. The thought is there that will deliver you from doubt. Every breath you take will remind you to think of choices. Stand up. Shake it off. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Send out good thoughts. Breathe out good thoughts. Think of something funny. Go on with the rest of your day. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, August 26, 2013 Hello, If I give away what I don’t have enough of, I always have more than enough. If I look at how little I really need, There is always enough to share. If I look at how beautiful it really is, I can see myself as being there. If I feel how great I think I can be, I am there……… This week around the garden. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, Sept 2, 2013 Have a safe and happy Labor Day! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 9, 2013 Happy Hello, September, the month of hairy scary spiders.   My Assistant has a great sense of humor and my Promoter is a fearless toddler now. I have promoted her to General Manager. The Hummingbirds are whizzing around. The caterpillar of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly. The tomatoes are eight feet high!   Volunteer gourds. Hummingbird Vine. It’s a busy time of year and we are filling the freezer with good stuff from the garden. Make a happy week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 A Very Happy Hello, This was a very special week. We shared a garden fresh meal, with our beautiful friends from the Emerald Isle. The last pool party. And the children, I mean wild animals, racing around the garden and howling at the moon. Pretending to be werewolves? We are already planing the next garden. Take time for gratitude. Take time to lend a helping hand. Take time for good feelings. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 23, 2013 A Happy Loving Hello, The beautiful light and blue skies of autumn. This is a time like no other.The touch of color in the leaves with the promise of glorious full blowen colors of red, yellow, and orange to follow. The crisp tang of cool air, so beautiful and so refreshing. Apple time. Pumpkin time. Popcorn time. The freezers are full and life is good. My assistant and general manager are very effective at their jobs. Our business is good and the pottery is so beautiful. I am so grateful to be alive and to have the best neighbors and friends to share these moments. Live in the moment and send loving thoughts to the memories of summer and all the good times. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 30, 2013 A Happy Hello, We cranked out a lot of bowls this week. Each one more beautiful than the last.It feels good to be busy and productive. This was a night time visitor to the studio. A Hummingbird Sphinx Moth. He came whizzing around the studio, 3 inches long and a 5 inch wing span. It gave me the creeps. We finally netted it and released it. I wonder what else is out there……. We are still picking tomatoes. Make a great week and remember to be kind. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 7, 2013 A Happy Hello, We are loving this fine mild Fall. We held a business meeting.   My assistant and general manager visited with Pumpkin the cat. Explored hairy eyeballs. And, wrote a promotional ditty. Had campfire chili. And, picked out the perfect pumpkin Watch out for Angels & Faeries………. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 14, 2013 A Happy Hello, It is such a beautiful time of year. The trees are exploding with the colors of fire. The table is loaded with the last of the tomatoes. The new sound in the garden is the eire rustle of dried corn. It’s getting a little scary around here! Take time to daydream. Stare at something beautiful. Feel the peace……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 21, 2013 A Happy Hello, Join us on a journey thru Southwest Michigan Have a great week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, October 28, 2013 A Scary Hallow, This was a week of firsts. First frost……. First snow……. I told you it was scary. Happy Halloween! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, November 4, 2013 A Happy Hello, This week was very beautiful. I built a Oriole feeder…… The trees around our house are amazing. Grand color up and down the street. Side yard…. From the front porch….. Down the street….. The front hill….. From the back deck….. Night time visitor! Have a great week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, November 11, 2013 A Very Happy Hello, Oh what a wonderful day – bright, breezy, sunshiny day…. A day when you walk out the door and jump in a huge pile of leaves. One magical day that is remembered forever. A day when the garden cart is a carriage. A carriage that travels into unknown territory and discovers fantastic treasure. Sunshine in the studio. A Sweet Cat guarding the lonely Halloween pumpkins. The best kids ever. Life Is Good Love, Georgie

A Happy Hello,
    Ron here, and I wanted to give you a little insight into what it’s like
to work with Georgie. Luck doesn’t begin to describe the joy of being
a partner in this business. I am so greatful to share and blend our
talents together to create this beautiful work. We work with our different
ways of thinking and end up with a beautiful way to express ourselves.
    I am greatful for the years that Georgie has dedicated to her craft
and the time she allows me to share it. I am greatful that her craft has
allowed me to discover my talent.
    A good man needs a good woman. 
Love, Ron…..A very happy partner.

Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 A Happy Hello, Ron here, and I wanted to give you a little insight into what it’s like to work with Georgie. Luck doesn’t begin to describe the joy of being a partner in this business. I am so grateful to share and blend our talents together to create this beautiful work. We work with our different ways of thinking and end up with a beautiful way to express ourselves. I am grateful for the years that Georgie has dedicated to her craft and the time she allows me to share it. I am grateful that her craft has allowed me to discover my talent. A good man needs a good woman. Love, Ron…..A very happy partner. Posted Monday, November 25, 2013 A Happy & Thankful Hello, I have been thinking all week about all the things I am thankful for.I thought I would write them down, but pages later I realized there are so many. After working on this long list there was one thing missing. Me. So often we leave ourselves off of our gratitude list. This Thanksgiving lets just be greatful for our beautiful, talented, generous, loving selves.It will make you feel so good. All good things start with you, and me……. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 2, 2013 Happy Hello, This is a great time of year.The time for lists, and decorating,and baking. Anticipation! Shopping! Wrapping! Fun? Put yourself on top of your list. Treat yourself to something that you love. Something that is just for you. Give yourself a Happy Holiday. Love, Georgie P.S. Treat every day as a holiday. Make every day special. Be fun. Be kind. Life is good! Posted Monday, December 8, 2013 Hello again, New pieces just out of the kiln this week. Now for sale at Have a great week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 16, 2013 A Merry Hello, Were in the deep freeze covered in snow. We had a very happy week with a visit from my General Manager. We also crafted some gourd rattles for 2 special people. A surprise……. Christmas is creeping up. Keep it in perspective. Enjoy every moment. Let everyday be a Holiday. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 23, 2013 Love, Georgie Posted Monday, December 30, 2013 Happy New Year! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, January 6, 2014 A Happy Snowy Hello,   We are looking forward to a few snow days. It’s piling up at 2 inches an hour.   So very beautiful.   So quiet.   We are happy to be warm and cozy.   Curl up with a good book.   Make a pot of soup.   Bundle up and shovel.   Stay warm.   Love, Georgie Posted Monday, January 13, 2014 A Happy Hello, The pesky faeries built a house on my shelf on Christmas Eve, The Polar Vortex???? Heavy snow!!!! As always, wait a day and everything changes. The winter will soon melt away. Optimistic…… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, January 20, 2014 A Happy Hello, Happy to be busy this winter. Because, it’s a doozy!!!!!             Love, Georgie Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 A Happy Hello, A while ago my assistant came to help me play, and she said, ” Georgie can you make me something ? ” I said, ” Of course what do you want me to make ? ” She said, ” A dinosaur ! ” ” What color? ” ” PINK ! ” New designs are flying around the studio. And, Ron made mugs. Artic Blast ? What the hell ? Keep busy stay warm. Love, Georgie P.S. Cabin fever………. Posted Monday, February 3, 2014 A Happy Hello, Happy Ground Hog Day! Winter is half over! We are staying busy and looking forward to the first thaw.   We did not see a ground hog but the shovel handle did not cast a shadow. Patience Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 10, 2014 A Happy Frosty Hello, The garden is blanketed in 2 + feet of snow. The air is fridged and the cats are house bound and crazy. Its truly a winter wonderland. Of the 20 cities in the lower 48 with the highest snow totals South Bend is 9th. Dubious distinction……. The days are growing longer and soon? Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 17, 2014 A Happy Hello, Here are some of our new designs for Spring. Have a great week. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, February 24, 2014 A Happy Hello, We are sooo…. ready for spring. This winter has made us all feel like survivors. The bright side is the fun we’re having with mixed media. We love what a little touch of wire can do to create something so beautiful. Time for some new and stunning designs…..       Take time to think of something entirely new and different. Inspiration comes from everything and everywhere. Vigilence! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 3, 2014

A Happy Hello,
We are so glad to welcome many new ” friends ” from all over the world:
Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Germany,
Ireland, The U. K., Japan, China, Thialand, Spain, Italy, France, India,
Mexico, across the USA and many more. 
Many thanks to these groups.
Ceramics Worldwide
World Ceramics Group
Ceramic Artists In The World
The Clay Office
Pottery Heads
Potters Network
Grupo Barroarte
Ceramic Artists And Supporters
The Best Art Shared By Eliane F. Viegas

Please check out the amazing work of my fellow artists. 
Gifts from a harsh winter.
Patience, Tolerance, & Optimism…..
Love, Georgie
Posted Monday, March 10

A Happy Hello, Who knew that 40 degrees could feel so warm. The Cardinals are singing their love songs and spring is so near. My staff came for a pancake breakfast and everyone had a very good time. Greenware……. The garden is still full of snow. Think thaw…… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 17, 2014 Happy St. Patricks Day, Get your green on and celebrate these wonderful people past and present. Brave people who build our nation with hard work and love. A special thought of love to our friends, Fella and Sweet Annie and their amazing family here and far. Greenware….. Glazeware….. Perfection….. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, March 24, 2014 Happy Spring, At last. Sunshine. Birdsongs and spirits lifting and soaring. Ahhhhhh! Love , Georgie Posted Monday, March 31, 2014 A Happy Hello, It is a beautiful sunny day!!! We are ready to bisque fire the latest new creations. 24″ Vase Forms…. Today we are looking forward to doing some work in the garden. Exciting! Make something beautiful this week…. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 6, 2014 A Happy Hello, It feels good to get into the garden and do some spring cleaning on this beautiful day. This week we fired some very large and beautiful vases. The Tulips and other Spring flowers are popping up all over. Make the most of every minute and take time for kindness. Love, Georgie   Posted, Monday, April 14, 2014   A Warm Windy Hello, Finally, 70 degrees. A big thanks to our friends in Peoria, IL. Who were gracious enough to give Georgie Pottery a new home. We have added them to the Links section on our website at We are still getting new “friends” From all over the world We are honered to share some of their beautiful work. Check it out on my Georgie Schriver page on Facebook. This is a busy time and we are greatful. We saw two Bald Eagles flying over the garden this morning. Thrilling……. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 21 Happy Easter Love, Georgie Posted Monday, April 28, 2014 A Happy Hello, The garden is coming to life! So many beautiful flowers…… A beautiful busy time of year. Remember to take time to look at the things around you and enjoy. Have a picnic……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, May 5, 2014 A Happy Cheerful Hello, Our old friends the Baltimore Orioles are back and busy slurping up grape jelly. The songs of many birds fill the air and it is very frisky out there…… We have a new design and it is very beautiful. Ginko. An ancient tree with a history of 200 million years. The sights and scents and sounds of Spring fill the air….. Think kind gentle thoughts. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, Mary 12, 2014 Happy Mother’s Day, Around the garden on Mother’s Day.   Love, Georgie Posted Monday, May 19, 2014 A Happy Hello, Cool, damp, rainy….. Not good for clay work but great for grass.   Slow going in the studio but very productive none the less. It is so good to see the greening of the neighborhood and leaves and shade. The landscape changes so fast. Love birds….. We are so looking forward to warm temps and tomato plants. Get your green thumb on! Love, Georgie Monday, May 26, 2014 A Happy Hello, We are having the best weather ever and it’s time to plant the garden. Popcorn, pole beans, cucumbers, carrots, Beets, and edamame. The sugar snap peas are starting to climb…… It’s great to have the windows open. The perennials are popping up and everyday the garden inspires me. What inspires you? Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 2, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another busy week making pottery. I am lucky to have a job that I love.   The seeds are planted and the wait is on for sprouts. Very exciting time of year.   Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 9, 2014 A Happy Hello, We had a great week. The garden is filled with flowers after a long soaking rain. We took some time to just sit around, read, garden, and get bored.. Take time to just sit. Ignore the housework and get outside. Smell the roses……. A little bored can lead to beautiful experiences. Life is good! Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 16, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another beautiful week. The weather is perfect and the garden is so happy! Have a beautiful week…… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 23, 2014 A Happy Hello, And, welcome to summertime…….. The garden is happy and growing rapidly with lots of sunshine and rain……. Posted Monday, June 30, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another perfect summer week. DSC07651.JPG DSC07648.JPG The garden is growing in leaps and bounds. The beans have climbed 8 feet and the corn is knee high. DSC07644.JPG DSC07650.JPG I spent some time building fancy salsa sets. DSC07656.JPG Check out my new page. Letters Of Love and Inspiration From The Lightworkers Messages of love and inspiration from the positive voices in my head. DSC07509.JPG Savor the summer……… DSC07647.JPG Love, Georgie Enjoy every second….. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, June 30, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another perfect summer week. The garden is growing in leaps and bounds. The beans have climbed 8 feet and the corn is knee high. I spent some time building fancy salsa sets. Check out my new page. Letters Of Love and Inspiration From The Lightworkers Messages of love and inspiration from the positive voices in my head. Savor the summer……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 7, 2014 A Very Happy Hello, This was the week! The week we waited for,dreamed about, talked about For many long cold months. This was the week for the first POOL PARTY! ! A day of pure bliss and tea and crackers………. We are loving the garden as it grows by leaps and bounds. Live in the moment……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 14, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another beautiful week. The garden is growing so fast. Jungle! ! We held a brief staff meeting in the garden. My assistant is now a princess and my general manager is her devoted shadow. They are very busy with their royal duties….. This is the time for the most fragrent lillies. Aromatherapy….. Fancy Salsa Sets! Be fun. Be kind. Be fearless….. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 21, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another beautiful week. The garden is exploding with flowers and fragrance. The greenbeans have gone crazy and are blooming. It’s busy in the neighborhood. The apartment buildings across the street are being rehabbed and it is noisy but fun to watch. Many thanks to the good people of Rockford, Il. Interiors & Peppercreek Greenhouse, for giving our pottery a home. Be Peace……… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, July 28, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another great week. The cucumbers finally are producing and the green beans and edamame are making babies. The rustle of corn leaves, a new sound in the breeze. The corn is growing so fast, I feel like I’m shrinking. What’s new in the studio…… We are seeing and hearing lots of baby birds. Fuzzy and funny. Keep a sharp eye out for something beautiful. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, August 4, 2014 A Happy Hello, August Already! The kiln is bisque firing and the living room is filled with new and beautiful glazeware. The night is filled with the song of the insects. The best part of the garden is sharing with friends and neighbors. Generosity feels good. Be generous. Giving and receiving are one…… Love, Georgie Posted Monday, August 11, 2014 A Bountiful Happy Hello, We are picking beans, lots of beans. Time to fill the freezer. DSC07990 We had a great visit with my staff this week. They love tomatoes and, the hose and, snack time and, chalk. DSC07959 DSC07965 DSC07960 DSC07962 DSC07963 DSC07964 DSC07956 We had a very prosperous week. Thanks to our friends in Crystal Lake, IL at Mueller Interiors. And, Absolutely Home Interiors & Paper Dolls Home Furnishings In Lake Geneva WI We sold over half of our ware including all of our large bowls, vases & trays. This will be a very busy week…. The garden is filled with birds and butterflies and the caterpillar of the Black Swallowtail butterfly. We are hoping to find a cocoon. DSC07989 DSC05959 Gratitude is the perfect word…… Love, Georgie   Posted Monday, August 18, 2014 A Happy Hello, Another busy week. The studio is filled with greenware and the kilns are firing. The garden is filled with wonderful things to see and eat. DSC07994 DSC07996 20140814_204457 20140815_175816 20140815_180035   My staff visited for craft lessons. Very talented. 20140815_171804 20140815_171757   Take time with me this week to focus on many beautiful things. 20140808_084824 Trust is a very good word. Life is good. Trust in the process of life…… Love, Georgie   Posted Monday, August 25, 2014 A Happy Hello, This was a great week. My assistant started school. Say it ain’t so…. Bittersweet. IMG_1507078412516 The star of the garden this week is the butterfly bush. 20140819_111750 DSC07993 Busy with so many species of these wonderful creatures. See the video I posted @ Georgie Schriver on Facebook on 8/19. Another wonderful garden feature is the tuberose. So very fragrant, the evening air is filled with sweet perfume. DSC08025 A good word for the week is honesty. The best policy…….. DSC08028 Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 8, 2014 A Happy Hello, September is so beautiful. The cicadas are buzzing, the crickets are chirping, and footballs are flying. We had a meeting with my general manager and she picked out her favorite bowl….. G Bowl And, I must say she is the definition of cute and adorable and she talks a mile a minute… DSC08115 DSC08116 DSC08117   We are busy in the garden harvesting good things. A good word to think about is Tolerance….. Make a beautiful week ! DSC08121 Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 15, 2014 A Happy Hello, The best food is what you can grow and despite a cool summer, Its Harvest Time….. We have grown over 200 pounds of vegetables this year. Very satisfying….. DSC08130 (2) We are looking forward to sharing a meal with our friends from Ireland this week. Exciting… I have come to believe that Hummingbirds have a sense of humor. They seem to get a big kick out of buzzing my head. They twitter and stare me in the eyes. Very funny… A good word to make a happy mind is gentleness. Be gentle on yourself. Stop judging and let yourself be the perfect you. We are all beautiful. Love, Georgie Posted Monday, September 22, 2014

A Happy Hello,
The first  day of Autumn!
Love the change of seasons.
The color of the sky is crispy blue.
We shared a great meal with some wonderful friends.
The studio is filled with greenware and the potential is inspiring.
Life is good….
The good word is Joy! DSC08138
Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, September 29, 2014

A Happy Hello,

We are having the most beautiful weather. A late season

warm spell has boosted the green bean harvest.


The sky is so beautiful with stunning clouds.

The nights are filled with a chorus of singing creatures and farries.

I posted a farrie search video on my page on Friday.

Check it out if you have a chance……

We are visited by Butterflys, Bees, a Nuthatch, and the most

beautiful green Dragonfly with transparent wings edged with gold.

Lucky photo…..


The good word is JOY.

Joy is in the smallest details.

Be Joyful.

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, October 6, 2014

A Happy Hello,
A breezy sunny crisp October day. The trees are bursting
into glorious colors of fire.
The garden is slowly going to sleep and we are getting
ready to harvest the beets.
A good word is defenslessness.
Practice thinking good thoughts about yourself.
Accept without question that you are beautiful,
talented, and loving beyond belief.
My staff meeting was a huge success, followed by
a snack of blueberries and milk.
My general manager painted a beautiful picture and
my assistant has very talented scissor skills.
Olivias hand
Believe you are  perfect exactly as you are.
Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, October 13, 2014

A Happy Hello,

This is the most beautiful Fall day. the sun is shining

and the leaves are vivid Red, Orange, Yellow, and Gold.

This day is glorious and I am grateful.


A good word to think about is generosity.

This word just makes you feel good.

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday,October 20, 2014

A Happy Hello,

The leaves are falling and frost is in the air.

Such a beautiful time of year.


It’s starting to get a little scary around here.


A very good word to think about is Patience.

Be patient with yourself.

You can’t fix what is already perfect.

You are the perfect you.

Be patient, be calm, be happy…..

It’s almost pumpkin time!

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, October 27, 2014

A Happy Hello,

Another beautiful bright sunny day, perfect for carving pumpkins.


I made big beautiful bowls this week.



We also sold these bowls plus 21 additional pieces to our friends

at Choice Designs in Ft. Wayne and Yager Furniture in Berne, IN.

Many thanks.


A good thing to be this week is Open-minded.

Give your thoughts wings to fly and try something different.

The garden produced over 300 pounds of fresh yummy veggies

this year. Lots of good food from such a small space.

Be open-minded to your true potential….

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, October 3, 2014

A Happy Frosty Hello,

Snow and a hard freeze, what a week.


We are busy building our ware for another sales trip.

We made a big pot of vegatable soup just in time for

the cold weather.

It’s a great time of year.

Think peace and quiet and curl up with a good book.

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, November 10, 2014

A Happy Hello,

We are happy to be busy on these cold dark days.

An old friend at the birdfeeder is a one eyed squirel.

He has been visiting for four years and is very handsome……


Good words are furry, fleecy,

cozy comforters and hot chocolate.

It’s a good time to make a craft project.

Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, November 17, 2014

A Happy Frozen Hello,

I woke up this week and saw snow. Said a bad word.

Walked outside, more snow. Said another bad word.

Twelve inches of snow, ran out of bad words……

Now I need to find a bar of soap.


Winter roared in and I am grateful for warm cozy spaces

and soup.

The landscape is so beautiful. It’s hard to not love this

time of year.


Look for something to love about everything….

Love, Georgie

Posted on Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving.
Love, Georgie

Posted Monday, December 1, 2014

A Happy Hello,

We had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a great meal in
the studio with some wonderful people.

My staff loves there baby cousin and their new baby brother.

The holidays are here but I like to think that every day is a holiday.

Life is good.

Love, Georgie

P.S. Visitors at the bird feeder…