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How to Make a Lizard

Uncategorized | 6 Jan 2013

A Note about White Clay…

Uncategorized | 6 Jan 2013

The white clay that I use was not avaliable for a few months, and finally, white clay.

This clay is so different from Terra Cotta. It is delicate and smooth and a bit more difficult to work with.This clay has a quality called thixatropic which means very firm at first touch but when worked, becomes very soft and pliable. The metallic glazes are beautiful on this clay.

A Handbuilt Tray

Uncategorized | 27 Jul 2012

This week it is time to make trays.

I start with a chunk of clay.

Flatten it out.

Cut a shape and add the sides.

Reinforce the seams with a coil.

Not as easy as it looks!

Some Fun Garden Art to Make

Uncategorized | 27 Jul 2012

I thought you would like to see how I build a “Green Louie “.

I start with 1/2 of a styrofoam ball and a wide dowel rod, then I hand form the base and press it onto the 1/2 ball.

Next, I select a ball of clay and roughly shape it into an oblong form.

and push it down over the dowel rod and Louie’s body is in place.

After some sculpting of parts…

Some hair…

…and hat…

…and wings…

It’s Louie!!!

Glazing is an Art

Uncategorized | 27 Jul 2012

We love to experiment with designs and different glazes.  Here are some of our most recent works…

The possibilities of design and glaze combinations are endless…Very Exciting.

This is how our art makes us feel.  Free like a bird in the sky!

The bold contemporary design of the pattern mirrors the design of the tray itself.

Check out this fun pattern, again mirroring the design of the piece itself.

Lace Impression

Uncategorized | 27 Jul 2012

This is how I handbuild a beautiful bowl with a lace impression.

First, transfer the lace impression onto the slab of clay.

Next, I use my guide to cut out the size and edge pattern.

Now, I drape it onto my form and work with it until it’s smooth.  This step takes a long time!

A coil base finishes it off.

Here it is as greenware, right before it goes into the kiln.

Sometimes I put the lace on the inside and sometimes on the outside.  Here it is close up on the outside.


Notice the color change after it comes out of the kiln.

What a beautiful terra cotta color.

Time for fun with glazes!