Early Spring

Handbuilt Pottery Instruction | 27 Jul 2012 | No Comments

Holy cow!  My garden looks like the 1st of May.

It feels like a time warp.

80’S in March? I don’t  Know when to plant the peas!!!!!!

It was pretty slow around here this week so I thought I would show some photos of the glazing and firing areas of the studio.

We have so many glazes to create our pieces with and that really makes glazing so much fun.

We can hardly wait to see them come out of the kilns, sooooo exciting.

We converted our old coal bin into the kiln room over 30 years ago. It has ample room for our 2 kilns
and shelving for glazed ware. It has seen a lot of use and a lot of smiles.

Thanks for stopping by.
See ya soon, Georgie